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Computer freezes - Help please !


Computer freezes - Help please !

For the last few months my computer has been freezing at random. It can be during boot up, after a few minutes or if I'm lucky after half an hour. When it freezes ctrl+alt+del has no effect - I have to press the reset button. I thought for a long time it was a software problem and eventually went through a complete reinstall of the OS (Win XP)yesterday. To my horror I found that the computer still has same symptoms. Its driving me nuts!
Computer has a Soyo KT400 Dragon motherboard with Athlon processor. 768M DRAM. 2x 80GB HDD. ATI All In Wonder Radeon graphics card. Connects to internet via Vigor ADSL router.

Guidance on how to diagnose the cause would be much appreciated! (I don't want to have to spend lots of money un-necessarily!)


Computer freezes - Help please !

Have you changed the memory recently? any new software? upgrades?

Computer freezes - Help please !

Have you run windows update to make sure you have the latest bits and pices? I had the same problem with my old pc, solved it with a formatt, but if this hasnt done the job it may well be a driver issue. Have you added any new hardware recently?
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Computer freezes - Help please !

May be a PSU issue. What wattage is it? how old is yuor system.

I has PSU issue were the PC would lock or freeze and random times - reinstalled XP -still the same.
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Computer freezes - Help please !

I had that for over a year and it turned out to be a hardware incompatibility - the AMD processor had problems with some other bit of hardware that Evesham had installed to replace a broken bit. So if you've changed anything just before it started, that could be it.
Does a Google on the error message help? Eventually, I put the error locations that the blue screen displayed into Google and it was a known problem,

Computer freezes - Help please !

Thanks for suggestions so far, but:

There is no new memory - but I have run Memtest86+ for hours with no problems.

I have formatted the HDD and reinstalled just WinXP (+SP1 & 2 and updates) and MS Office. Still get random freezes.

There is no error message, the computer just freezes.

Have not instaled any new hardware.

I am leaning towards suspecting the graphics card - can a graphics card fault just stop the CPU? so that ctrl+alt+del won't work?

keep the ideas coming please!

thanks, Nick :?
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Computer freezes - Help please !

I had a 950 duron pc to fix for a friend, who had the same problems.
The cpu heatsink and fan were very dusty, so I cleaned these first.
This allowed it to boot for a while, long enough to establish that the temps were a little high, allthough they were within AMD's stated tolerance.
I swapped out the heat sink and fan for one I used to have on an Athlon 900 and the temps halved, and it ran like a dream there after! Looking at the original heatsink showed that there was definataley more contact on one edge of the processor die, than the other.
My advise, would be to get some good thermal grease from your pc shop, and reseat your cpu heatsink! Give it a good clean while it is off the mobo first! Smiley

Good luck.