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Closing Multipul Windows


Closing Multipul Windows

I have a problem, which started a few days ago, if I have several internet explorer windows open at one time, iwhen I now close one of the windows all the open windows close at the same time.

Any clues, is this a setting within Windows XP, or a virus. I have scanned for viruses and found nothing.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Closing Multipul Windows

Normally - you would press and hold the 'Shift' key and click close on one windows to close all windows - easy one to test for first - check to see if yuor shift keys are not stuck - have you used your keyboard as a coffee filter Smiley


Closing Multipul Windows

Thanks for the suggestion, but as I am not typing in capitals, I guess that is not the answer. Maybe not been used as a coffee filter, but the kids have have spilled everything else on it over the years.

Cheers and thanks for the suggestion



Are you closing them down from the tollbar at the bottom or using the x in the top right corner?
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Closing Multipul Windows

Are you using any s/ware to stop popups? A prog like "IENavigator" has popup stopper etc, but more to the point it has features that allow you to configure all IE windows to close by one mouse click!
Maybe a family member has installed such s/ware or...............I dunno!

Check what progs you have installed, indeed check what progs you have in your startup! Google every startup entery that you don't recognise! You may find the culprit there.

Just a thought. Wink