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Choosing Graphics Card

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Choosing Graphics Card

Hi im confused with all these different graphics cards, im looking for a good
one but not to expensive I first choose one the 9600 range but its not going to
last to long so im spending abit more and getting on of the 9800 range

Can someone tell me which one is the best out of these ....

OcUK ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB DDR TV-Out/DVI (AGP) - Retail (XR98-C3) (GX-005-OK)

then there is another underneath that one

PowerColor ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB DDR TV-Out/DVI (AGP) - Retail (GX-006-PC)

Whats the diffence between them to, also I read that there had been some
error with labeling wrong or something and 128 bits have been labelled
256 bits, these ones I choose are all 256 bits correct?

Then finally underneath there is another 9800, 128MB below blue box, whats
the difference with that one and which one is best out of these three..

Sapphire ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB DDR TV-Out/DVI - Lite Retail (GX-017-SP)

Please help, thanks
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Choosing Graphics Card

1) they are all 9800pro chipsets so use the same GPU

2) It depends on the various clock setting (including GPU, memory and RAMDAC) which board will be quicker. The higher they have clocked the chip, memory and RAMDAC, in theory the faster the card will be.

So to answer your Q, you need to compare clock, RAMDAC and memory speeds of the boards and choose the fastest one - but this will not be easy.

For alternate cards like Nvidias FX range, see the following benchmark report which shows the cards capabilities and speed against all the other ones available: VGA Charts IV: AGP Video Cards. Note: look at all the charts as some grahics cards are better than others in some games/apps.

This may also be of interest: THG Graphics Card Buyers Guide.

Choosing Graphics Card

I have the ati 9800 pro and its great