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Chipset fan


Chipset fan

My Abit IC7-MAX3 motherboard has an Intel 875P chipset, the fan of which has developed a habit of making a noise like a howling banshee! I've tried every retail outlet I know to get hold a new one but they seem to be about as rare as rocking horse manure. Any wonderful people out there know where I can get hold of one?
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Chipset fan

Try - they might have a suitable fan.

Chipset fan

I had the same problem and emailed - I got a very prompt reply. If the board is still under warranty you can get a free replacement fan. See the instructions below. If it's out of warranty you could ask them how much it would cost for a replacement . I did try find a replacement but had no luck - I tried CPC, Maplin and RS.

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The reply I got from Abit.

If your Northbridge chipset fan does not work properly or produces a high level of noise.
Or the OTES fan is faulty, if you have MAX3 series board.

You do able to get a free replacement fan from us, if you have this board for less than 12 months.

Please send a Stamped self Addressed jiffy bag (at least A5 size) to the address below.
Also, attach a covering letter which stats the serial number of the board and the requirement of the replacement fan.

There are three places likely to have the serial number attached.
1, The surface of the board. I.e. KV7 or KD7A.
2, The PCI slot5, i.e. IC7 series, AN7, NF7 series, IS7 series etc.
3, The back of the board, i.e. IC7 series, IC7MAX3.

However, It should look like IC7--$*$******, IC7G-$*$****** or IS7--$*$******
or AN7--$*$******. The $ will be alphabet character, the * will be numeric character.
There should be a copy of serial number on the colour box as well. However, sometimes the serial number on the box could be different from the board as the box can be changed.
Fail to provide the serial number, we will reserve the right of whether sending the fan.

If you request the Northbridge fan for IC7 or IS7 series, please use 3 first class stamps for U.K. mainland.
Others, one or two first class stamps will do.

You should receive the fan within a week time. If not, please email us to verify the delivery.
However, please note that Abit is not responsible for the delay of parcel if there has any industrial actions taken by the post office workers.

Abit Computer Corp. Ltd.
Tech. Dept.
Unit 3, 24-26
Boulton Road
Herts SG1 4QX

Chipset fan

Thanks folks! I tried maplins but they told me that they don't sell chipset fans, which seems surprising. Abit will no doubt do the trick though.