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Changing from USB to Ethernet

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Changing from USB to Ethernet

I have a DELL PC which I believe already has a network card but this is disabled while I use my USB modem provided for free with my Plus.Net start up package.

I often work from homr and my company are looking to introduce VPN in the next few months. I have been informed the set up will involve using VPN software on an XP laptop which needs to connect through an Ethernet modem/router.

Am I able to purchase an Ethernet modem and replace my USB one with this. Is there much involved in changing my set up to go through an Ethernet modem or do I just set it up to dial the existing connection number with the existing username and password.


Changing from USB to Ethernet

Yes. I would get a firewall router modem with vpn passtrough. I think the dlink dsl 504 and the netgear dg834 have this but check.
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Changing from USB to Ethernet

First there is no real concept of 'dialling' with an Ethernet ADSL modem/router. It deals with connecting to your ADSL line and reconnects automatically when it loses sync.

From your PCs point of view, you are just on a local network and the Internet is always available - you won't have to click the icon on your desktop to initiate an ADSL connection as the router will have done this for you.

Setup is very simple (for the DG834 anyway) where you just use the same login and password you have for the USB modem. The Netgear will auto-configure your ADSL connection as well.

The 2 routers mentioned are what is refered to as all in one devices. They contain an ADSL modem, router, hardware firewall and 4 port hub all in one box. The 4 port hub allows you to connect 4 PCs (and more by using other hubs) to the router so you will be able to connect your PC and your laptop via Ethernet cables to it at the same time and share your ADSL connection. For your laptop, all you do is configure your VPN software to use your network connection - your companies IT dept will explain what to do.

It is not as difficult to setup as it sounds. You just set each PC to obtain it's IP address automatically via DHCP and your Ethernet connections are setup automatically when you power them on.