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Central Heating

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Registered: 14-04-2007

Central Heating

Hi all

I've got a job wiring a central heating system which has an ethernet interface so you can control it remotely over a broadband connection through a router.

Has anyone got any ideas how to keep the connection up over along period of time (ie after plusnet does mantainance and it ends up on a stale session) so they can access it when they need to?

I thought may be put the router on a time clock so it is off say between 6-7 in the morning and then can it reconnect sucessfully.


Central Heating

I would have thought that there should be little problem with the reconnection itself, as the router will automatically try and log on once it is turned on.

Just simply stick it on a timer as you say so the router is turned off between say 04:30 and 06:30 which should comfortably erase any stale sessions should any arise.