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CardBus and upgrading a Sony Vaio F809K laptop?


CardBus and upgrading a Sony Vaio F809K laptop?

A friend wants to install a wireless network to allow them to share their broadband connection between a desktop and a Sony Vaio laptop.

The laptop is a relatively old model (F809K) with a PIII 850MHz processor and 128MB RAM. The Sony website suggests that this laptop can only be upgraded to 256MB RAM and I'm going to suggest this to my friend as part of the upgrade process.

I'm a bit uncertain about wireless LAN card compatibility though. The Vaio F809K is described as having 2 PCMCIA type I, 2 PCMCIA type II or 1 PCMCIA type III cards and CardBus support.

Is there only one standard for CardBus? So any 32-bit CardBus card should work in my friends laptop?

Any assistance and opinions gratefully received.