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Can't connect to the net, please help!!


Can't connect to the net, please help!!

It's ok i used a programme used WinsockXPFix, on the advice of someone from a different forum, fixed everything, thanks for the replies though.

Can't connect to the net, please help!!

Hi, I’m really hoping someone here can help me out. My internet connection on
my main computer has completely stopped working and I don’t know what to do!
I know the line and modem are fine as I’m using them now on a different PC.
However on my main PC they internet seems to connect fine, it shows as
connected, but then nothing works!

Everything was fine until last night when I went to download a free DVD
player for my PC, I used this link: to download the
programme. However, when I started installing my programmes such as Microsoft
Anti Spyware were telling me it was installing spyware on my pc. So I removed
the items, however ever since my connection has been ruined. I can’t surf the
net or use any download programmes.

I have tried Microsoft Anti-Spyware, Spybot Search and Destroy, Ad-aware,
and AVG anti-virus, and nothing will work!

I don't know if this helps but i was told to do this by someone:

"go to your command prompt (in WinXP go to start->run->type in "cmd")
then typing ipconfig /renew
it's often worth rebooting your modem first.
If you get a message saying " operation can be performed on something
that is not a socket" then you have a winsock problem (easily fixed as far as
I know)
microsoft's website should be able to help.
also try re-installing the driver for your network card (or usb driver if
you're connected via USB)"

It said this:

the operation failed as no adapter is in the state permissible for this

Also, i don't know if this helps but when eMule (file sharing programme)
loads it comes up with the error:

Error: server UDP socket: failed to create server UDP socket on port - the
requested service provider could not be loaded or utilized.

Any ideas? I'm getting so frustrated!
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Can't connect to the net, please help!!

Are you using Windows XP? If so you could try using System Restore to get back to the state it was in before trying the rogue software. Click Start - Help and Support, then under "Pick a task" click "Undo changes to your computer with system restore". You should be able to choose a restore point say a week or two before and then wait while it reverts back to that point.

RE: Can't access net

Regardless whether this is an April Fools or not this type of problem does happen.

I had a simlar one 2 weeks ago:

- AntiVirus stopped running at startup
(tried to reinstall it did not work with connecting to internet)

- Firewall also stopped working properly
(Norton 2003, due to one not working the others tend to follow as they are connected suites)
(reinstall tried, still no luck)

- PlusNet support, said reinstall modem
(tried this still no luck)

- PlusNet support, said disable friewall
(This did work, but did not want to stay too long unprotected, so I went to Norton's site and looked for solutions)

After reading through the help pages, and trying out a few things. The problem was:

The Firewall was preventing connecting to the Internet

- Tried lowering the protection level (this worked, not completely though)
- Reset program settings for accessing the net and
- Updated and reconfigured the list of programs)

This worked Cheesy I could even put the protection level back to high

Note: I did upgrade to Norton 2005 to get extra piece of mind, due to 2003 firewall not giving any feedback on updates (which suggested it stll had problems)