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Can someone help


Can someone help

Hello folks
Ex AOL user here and not that hot with a pc to be honest.
ok got shot of AOL and i think most of the bits that go with that isp but i am not too sure if i have. Now this is the bit that i hope you wil be able to help.
To start off I am using a belkin modem/router and using wireless on my pc works great untill now.
Now and again i get this box popping up asking me to connect to the internet dial-up connection but i am already connected but it will not let me use the web unless i click on connect.
Then it starts to dial usin the internal modemHuh??
It was asking for aol dialer but i got shot of that but did i do somethign wrong by doin that .
Anyway can anyone offer a bit of adviice on here or by email
Ta very much

Can someone help


If you are using Internet Explorer go to Tools, Internet options, Connections. Ensure that the option to Never dial a connection is selected.

That should sort it.
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Can someone help

It sounds to me like your wireless is dropping connection (because of interference/too far away, etc), and your PC is trying its best to get the connection back, using what is available.

I think pcsni has the right idea, by changing you IE settings.

But unless you are going to use it, I would remove your modem (assuming its not on the Motherboard, then just disable it). I was sceptical about doing this when I went to Boradband, but unless it is for use on something specific its just a waste on space and resources.

Good luck.



Thanks folks for your help
i will keep an eye on what is going on over the next few days
Many thanks again for your help I a very greatfull

Can someone help

There's also a chance you've got naughty dialer apps on your system. Check your network and dial up entries for suspicious ones, and make sure the phone numbers are correct.