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CPU Temperature Monitoring?


CPU Temperature Monitoring?

Advice really welcome here.

In my old PC I used to get system crashes due to my Athlon 1400 (Elite Ks75a Mobo) heating to over 70 degrees. I managed to fix it by way of a better heatsink and fan and so on, and have since sold it and bought a new PC. However, having had my fingers burned before, I am now paranoid about my CPU temperature and would like to be able to monitor it from time to time.

The only way I know of doing this is by rebooting and nipping into the BIOS, by which time the CPU may have cooled slightly and give a false reading. Additionally, I'm under the impression that Mobo temp sensors are less than reliable anyway?

I have downloaded a couple of programs from tucows, one is MBM5 and the other is H-Monitor (4125). Unfortunately, neither seem to be able to pick up a temperature reading and show it at 0 degrees. Whether this is because my Mobo is too new, or is not recognised, or maybe I haven't set the programs up right, I don't know.

What do you chaps do, can you assist? Or should I forget it and only worry when flames start licking around my case? :lol:

For info this is my system:

MSI K7N2 Delta Mobo
Athlon 2600+
1 Gig DDR400 Ram
MSI Ti4200 128mb Graphics Card
Onboard 5.1 Sound

Many thanks in advance for any ideas or thoughts.
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CPU Temperature Monitoring?

Well, the latest AMD processors are supposed to withstand temperatures of up to something like 85C... so it doesn't look like there's anything to worry about just yet. Smiley

Anyway, these days motherboards are designed so that if they detect too high a temperature, the BIOS will automatically shut down the computer.


CPU Temperature Monitoring?

Most BIOS setups don't come with this enabled by default though. In reality they should, as should anything ship with safe settings, that can be used to prolong a systems life as much as possible.

Check the disk that came with the Mobo. If you don't have one, find out off the supplier why not. In the mean time, nip to the MSI website where you will find the product page for the MSI K7N2 Delta Mobo (Nice mobo by the way)

This Mobo supports there software called PC Alert 4. This can be obtained on THIS PAGE

Even a system where no thermal transfer compound is used between the heatsink and CPU, a 6500 RPM CPU fan and a slower case fan would be suficient to remove the heat from a high usage system.

However, placing thermal transfer compound, two high speed fans and make a air channel for the case fan. Simply made from cadboard, it will channel any air from a case fan in and into the area needing dispersal most, or removing it quicker from this area.

I have 5 P2.4ghz in this pattern (though I am using slower case fans to keep noise down), and get core temps only 3oC above the temperature of 0% usage (they currently crunch away in the folding@home project, where I have 15.5GHZ power, with more ont he way).

CPU Temperature Monitoring?

Kuglin, you're right of course, but my paranoia knows no limits. Wink

ACarr, thanks very much for the detailed reply, most helpful indeed. I downloaded the PC Alert 4 program, which I genuinly had not spotted before. It seems to work absolutely fine and, under some load, is reporting my CPU temperature at between 49 and 52 degrees C, which I think is within the acceptable parameters. The system temperature is a mere 36 degrees C and again, this seems ok I would think?

Once again, many thanks for the sound and prompt advice.


CPU Temperature Monitoring?

These are pretty reasonable.

System temperatures are higher at this tiem of year, and all the CPU's I have worked with, operated at around 42 - 47C during a office stress test. This a small macro that forces random data to be replotted in a graph under excel.

I havn't done any of these for a while, so they likely read around the same reading as yours.

As you noted, these are not accurate. However, I hear Athlons have a themister built in.I don't use AMD because a lot of our apps where expensivly optimised for P4's

PS, I can't supply the macro. While ti is my own work, it was created for use by my employer and as such there property.

CPU Temperature Monitoring?

MBM 5 will do the job just fine, as long as you set it up first (you need to specify which sensor it should use to take it's readings from). Took me a little while to suss everything out, but once I'd done that it's been a pleasure to use.

CPU Temperature Monitoring?

I use sisoft Sandra (Free Download) to monitor changes in temperature - however - one of my motherboards didnt report this correctly until I had flashed the bios!