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CD label printers

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CD label printers

Anyone got one of these?

My employeer is looking to purchase one, ideally printing in colour and allowing us to transfer graphics onto this disc.

If anyone has any recommendation and details of consumables needed I'd be greatful.

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CD label printers

Ive recently got the epson R300 which has a slide in tray for cd`s a bit like an optical drive the R200 does the same too and at £78 a really good buy

it works a treat, high quality graphic printing to disk face and a very good all round performer but you know epson and consumables ! little bit on the dear side but it works well and ive always had epson printers and im very happy with this one

you do need to use printable cd`s and there a bit more in price too not by much though
if you make the mistake of using ordinary cd`s it can make the inside of your cd drive very colourful cos the ink falls off when it spins up Wink

CD label printers

Hi, I currently own an Epson R200, which indeed does cd/dvd-r printing on printable discs, I have used it several times and I am really pleased with the results, even with 3rd party ink carts. Thumbs up for Epson here!
I bought my R200 @ PC World for £ 69.- ! Smiley
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CD label printers

I have got the epson photo 950, printing onto the surface is really good better than any labels by a long way.

CD label printers

I also have an Epson R300 and can agree that it gives great results. The R200 is just an R300 without the in built card reader and it's £20 cheaper.

However, it would depend on what you want to do with it at your workplace. For example, we distribute our software application suite on a cd. In the old days we bought pre printed cd's and then burnt them ourselves, meaning that when we upgraded the software we could produce new version cds right away.

We then purchased a cd replicator. Basically this is a cd printer and burner combined, which we have attached to a normal standalone pc. You place a stack of cd's on one side and hit run. It happily goes off burning and printing unattended and you end up with a stack of finished cds on the other side.

This was expensive to buy at the time, over £1000, but has paid for itself at least twice since we've had it. So you have to look at it from a long term point of view.

I guess it depends on whether you wan't to do the odd cd here and there, in which case get the epson, or batches of the same cd in which case get the replicator as with the epson you'll have to load each one yourself, burn it yourself and it would take you about 2 days to get what we do in an hour.

Hope this helps.

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CD label printers

i have a canon ip3000 excellent quaility printing on to cd's and easy to use even my grandmother could do it.