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CD-Rom drivers


CD-Rom drivers

Been running Win2K Pro (with SP3 installed) with Athlon XP & MSI motherboard for last 2 months, no problems.

1)Suddenly, CD-Rom (Atapi 56x max) will not play audio CD anylonger (MCI service or CD Rom drivers not responding, CD player cannot start), but will read data CDs.

Hardware manager reports "device working properly", and drivers files are installed. They are indeed there (cdrom.sys, redbbook.sys, storprop.dll).

2)Also, something weird with Sounds & Multimedia in Control Panel, Audio tab:

a)Sound Playback Preferred Device line is blank. If I set it to use the installed soundcard (Realtek AC97), do Apply, close the CP, and then go back to it again, the line is still blank, although playback of audio files works fine.

b)same as above with Midi Music Playback Preferred Device Line., except I have no Midi file playback at all.

c)In the Sounds tab, the Sound Volume slider is greyed out and cannot be used. Same with the Show Volume Control on Task Bar check box.

My anti-virus software AVG (free edition, with latest virus definition) reports no virus presence.

Nothing on the MS knowledge base.

What gives?

CD-Rom drivers

The issues sounds like a sound driver issue.

When the CDA driver tries to attach to the sound card, it gets an error, in turn producing the error you see visibly.

The only sugestion I can make, is to try downloading and installting fresh sound card drivers.

CD-Rom drivers

Ok, I've reinstalled W2K on top of itself, and it seems to have resolved all the described problems. I'll be damned to know what caused them in the 1st place. I'm a musician, using my comp for audio work mainly, am always carefull before installing new software. That's a problem I've never come accross before.

CD-Rom drivers

I came across a problem recently where UNINSTALLING a piece of software corrupted the CD-ROM driver settings. In this case it was a piece of CD writing software, fortunately it is a known issue and was documented on the MS support site.
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CD-Rom drivers

Did you by any chance have more than one player installed, I had a simular experience with Win 2k recently.

I had Windows Media Player (9) installed and the Shockwave player as well, the system for it's own reasons defaulted to the Shockwave device, Shockwave in turn went bent and un-installed it'self, but because the Windows player was not the default player every time I tried to play a music CD (data CD's were not affected) the system reported unable to find the CD/DVD-Rom.

The very simple answer was to un-install the Windows Player, download and re-install which automatically sets it up as default, and all problems solved.

So I suggest you look at your softwear player (of whatever type) first.

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CD-Rom drivers

I have was able to determine that it was an update of the RealTek sound card drivers which had caused the problem. Re-installing Win2K and the card's old drivers did the trick.

I have, over the years, become wary of installing new versions of various players (Win, Real, etc..., even good old Winamp), as they really misbehave in that they all want to take over for themselves the playing of your media. I am running the old Windows Media Player, Winamp 1.91, and strictly no Real Player. This one is particularly nasty, as whatever your settings, it WILL take over the playing of CDs as soon as you insert an audio CD, and insist on going on line.