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C$ share

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C$ share

Is there a way to stop the C$ share
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C$ share

Create a batch file (i.e. cshare.bat with the following line in it
net share C$ /d

and add it to your startup folder.

See if that does the trick - I don't actually know what it is though so have no idea what impact there is in removing this.

Method originally a VB6 code snippet here.

A search of google groups for 'C$ share' found loads of links to do what you are asking. The following links may explain a permanent method to stop it appearing:

User cannot access C$ share.

How To disable NT Servers' default C$ share
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C$ share

Yes it does work, I run this on my PC at work, although Im not 100% sure if the syntax is right.
You need to also add admin$ into it and same for any other partitions you have.