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Browser etc gone pearshaped


Browser etc gone pearshaped

I am using Win98SE using IE version 6.0.2800.1106.
Can anyone help me answer the question why all of a sudden clicking on in link in either an e-mail or website nothing happens.For example if I go to,click on availability check,and then when "BT wholesale availability check" and I click on it nothing happens,the same if I go to the "View My Usage page" and try to "view this week in detail" click on the link nothing happens.They all work on my wifes laptop so it must be something wrong on my machine.......... but what

Any help would be appreciated

Ian & Linda Jordan

Browser etc gone pearshaped

Don't know what would cause that, other that pop-up blockers.

You might try this

Goto add/remove programs

Use the remove button on Internet Explorer.

In the installer application that pops up, use the repair option.