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Broken Dell


Broken Dell

I use my Latitude C600 on a daily basis but over the weekend it would not power up. It stops at the BIOS screen with about 5mm of the progress bar complete. The lights on the keyboard light up, the screen displays a cursor in the top left corner then shows the bios screen,the CD (or floppy which ever is installed) whirrs to signify its presence. Then everything stops.

I have tried a different hard drive, removing the battery, reducing and swapping memory, booting from floppy and cd but nothing makes a difference.

Any and all suggestions gratefully received as I'd like to have some idea of the problem before I commit to getting it fixed.

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Broken Dell

Have you tried starting in safe mode to see if it will start ? hold down F8 when you press the power on and you should be given a list, choose safe mode and see if it will boot to the desktop, if its XP choose administrator
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Broken Dell

It sounds to me like you may either have a Memory Problem or with your Bios, especially if you cant get past the Bios P.O.S.T. bit!!

Can you get into the Bios?