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Broadband MAX


Broadband MAX

:?: Hi, Plus net is assessing my line for broadband max. Can anyone help explain to me the following. :?:

They tested me at 5.6 MB then they tested me at 5,7 MB then tested me at 5.8 and then at 5.9

Now it is being tested at 5.6MB to 5.4MB to 5.6MB to 5.3MB to 5.5 which is what it is being tested at now.

What I don't understand is if it is an 8MB service why are they only testing at 5 MB speeds. :? The best speed and stability I have had was at the 5.9 speed, it was also very stable, so why go down in speed and not up towards 8 MB SERVICE. Is this the normal way of testing or am I right to be confused. I think that to test my line for 8 MB service they have to test my line at that speed. Please help me to make sense of this. Mike.
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Broadband MAX

I will try to explain.
Basically PlusNet do not test your line.
What you are seeing is an automatic system which monitors the line conditions between your exchange and you.
When you switch on your router or modem it synchronises with the exchange at what it thinks is the fastest speed your line will support. This is normally determined by the signal noise ratio or noise margin and the starting point is usually 6db.
From the figures you gave I would assume that you have a fairly stable line and you will therefore get a synchronisation speed of about 5,600 kbps
If during testing your router/modem keeps losing synchronisation then the exchange will probably increase the default noise margin to 9db which will result in a lower connection speed.
If you want to read up a bit about it this is an excellent site
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Broadband MAX

You have to remember that it's UP TO 8 mb/s as the maximum sped you can get.
In most cases the end user wont see anything like that speed.
I am 1 mile from the exchange and on a good day I get 6.8 Mb/s but this evening I am only seeing 6.2 Mb/s
So seeing something less than the theoretical max is quite normal.

Your broadbandMax reply

Thanks you have been a great help.