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Binatone ADSL2000 eth Linux


Binatone ADSL2000 eth Linux


I have just bought a Binatone ADSL 2000 Ethernet Broadband modem... for my Linux system, however I cannot seem to connect using it with my plusnet a/c. Have had no joy with my standard BT Voyager USB, so decided to spend more money on this ethernet modem.

Can anybody please help, I'm using Mandrake 9.2 and am pretty much a beginer... Linux see's my ethernet card (Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC)... Please help, i'm very upset that this does not work after all my efforts...

How do I configure Linux to use plus net via Ethernet modemHuh

Cheers for any help offered..

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RE: Binatone ADSL2000 eth Linux

1st login to linux X windows as root.

From 'K' button, select - Configuration - Networking - Netconf

On Client Tasks tab, select Name Server Spec (DNS) - ensure that your ISP's DNS servers appear in the list.

Again on Client Tasks tab, select Routing and gateways - click Defaults button and set default gateway to IP of ADSL2100.

You may also need to change settings on Host name and IP network devices so that you are picking up IP Address from ADSL2100.