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Big PC Prob


Big PC Prob

Hello all.

I tried to install Norton Antivirus 2003 9.0v last night and all seemed to be going well until my PC decided to take a turn for the worse...

Once it had finished installing, my desktop went back to the way it was when I had first created different profiles for the family, so all my customisable icons had gone...not such a major problem I thought....

Then I tried to open up Word, but I got an error message saying the file could not be opened because the program did not exist anymore :? Other programs opened up fine, it was just Word...

Then(!) it seemed like everything had gone back to its default settings, such as:

1) Having to 'unhide' the program folders when looking through my computer
2) Enterting Information (personal/preferences) into Windows Media Player before being able to use it

These aren't that bad but the biggest problem is the Internet. My PC assumes I haven't got an Internet connection and brings up the wizard everytime I try to open up an Internet Explorer page and I have no idea what to do since everything is already installed. I am only able to type this message since I am using Kazaa Lite's web browser, not windows. I can't even go to the query page on here since it tries to bring up a separate IE window and therefore the wizard...

Sorry for the long post, just I am running out of ideas! Help would be appreciated.

Thanks. Wink

(I am on ADSL with PlusNet, have Windows ME and am running my connection through an ethernet port and modem)

Big PC Prob

1st have u rebooted again?
2nd uninstall NAV
3rd update ME to XP or downgrade to 98SE as ME is the WORSE OS ever