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Best Router/Modem


Best Router/Modem

This is a broadband question really but the broadband forum seems to be devoted to complaints so I ask here.

Which is considered to be the best Router/Modem with four Lan and a wireless connection please. I dont use wireless but it seems a good idea to have it as a contigency plan.
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Best Router/Modem

I fear you've asked one of those questions to which there is no straight answer.

There are some reviews at:

Not very up-to-date by the look of them, but they may give some pointers. A quick Google reveals lots of router reviews, but very few that could be called independent, i.e. they're all trying to sell you something.

Personally I'm a happy Speedtouch 546 user (but that's not wireless). We've got the previous incarnation of this, a 510, in the office and that hasn't missed a beat over the past year or two. They both run slightly hotter than I like, it must be in the nature of the beast.

If I were you I'd go with something with a recognisable name Thomson, Linksys, BT, Netgear, etc. Frankly I doubt there's a great deal to choose between any of them!


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Best Router/Modem

If you have a look through DSL Hardware discussion on ADSLGuide you should get a fair idea as the arguements relating to router/chipset and MaxDSL have been going for some time