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Baffling IE initial access problem


Baffling IE initial access problem

I use Win XP on two unnetworked PCs, operating through a Netgear DG 834 router, with ZA Pro 5 on both.

Over the last two weeks, the problem that I've been having is that when I try to open IE, the process hangs around 'searching' for, which is my homepage. If I allow it to search, the 'page not found' message will show up. However, if I switch to, say, the BBC site while it's searching, it will open up, and clicking on the 'Home' icon will take me straight to the Plusnet page.

I checked the TCP/IP settings, and all seems okay - the two DNS servers are there correctly. I tried (soft) re-booting the router, but that didn't work. I believe that there's a button somewhere that I can try a hard boot from, so I'll check for that, too. Hijack This shows no dodgy entries at all.

Can anyone help, please?

Thanks very much.

Name Resolution Ivan

Hello kwesi01,

This sounds like a problem with your machine being unable to correctly resolve the website address for your homepage (i.e. plusnet). In other words its a DNS name resolution problem, probably related to your host file. Check that your browser does have plusnet correctly entered as your home page or starting page.

**DNS name resolution is the process bye which the website name or domain name you requested (Put into your web browser) is located by its IP address. The IP address and name are resolved by your machine talking to PN's DNS servers. The DNS servers hold a DNS database with domain names & websites and their associated IP address's. Name resolution normally only takes a couple of seconds when things work smoothly.

**Normally a full re-boot of your computer will flush the DNS resolver cache and after that you might find that it locates the plusnet site without any problem. Give it a try and see if a reboot sorts it out.

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Baffling IE initial access problem

Try opening a dos prompt (start-run-type "cmd" click ok) and typing
ipconfig /displaydns and search for (should say next to it)

if theres nothing there do a

ipconfig /flushdns (this will forcebly remove and entries that are stuck in the system)


ipconfig /registerdns to focebly reconnect and dns servers)

Change the IE start page to or to see if that loads any quicker, if so change it back, that should rewrite and slow entries in the sytstem, if not just change it to

If that fails try using firefox webbrowser, for 9.9 websites out of 10 it is so much smoother

Hope some of this helps

Baffling IE initial access problem

If you select Control Panel, then network conections.

Right click your local network and select repair. This will rebuild all the drivers, flush the cache etc, and hopefully will resolve any issues.

Baffling IE initial access problem

Thank you very much for all of your replies, some of which are familiar but others not. I am working through the suggestions right now. To update things :

(i) I don't 100% understand how the host file operates, but I removed one entry from there (for Diamond Computer Systems, who make various software security products), and Win Patrol told me that Winlogon Shell and Winlogon userinit subsequently added themselves to startup (ii) I successfully flushed the DNS cache through DOS, and initiated DNS registration (iii) I noticed that the string of numbers after " "in the stored homepage setting was a little different from what was showing in the browser, and changed to the current page.

The real acid test now is how I get on after a re-boot of the computer, so I'll try that right now. Thanks again.

Baffling IE initial access problem

Everything now clear! I'm very grateful to all of you for your input. WinPatrol on my 2nd machine also initially showed that Winlogon Shell and Winlogon userinit were not in my startup. I didn't touch the host file, but updated my version of WinPatrol, and (while I was doing that?) they added themselves to startup.

Both PCs are working okay now. I'm wondering about the functions of Winlogon Shell and Winlogon userinit now, and, if their absence from startup was to blame, how that came about. However, I can live without knowing the answers to those questions!!

Thank you very much.

(P.S. I think that one of my attempts at 'tweaking' XP services was probably to blame, upon reflection... oh, well...)

Baffling IE initial access problem

Winlogon Shell and Userinit, I see those and as far as I know they are for machines that are running Windows NT based operating systems.

For more info on this please see the following Microsoft link: