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BELKIN Router and Modem Problem


BELKIN Router and Modem Problem

Hi All

I have purchased a BELKIN Hi Speed router with a view to WiFi ing my network. The Wi Fi works OK but when it comes to communicating with the modem the router will not talk to the modem (via) the LAN interface. If the modem is plugged into the Computer directly it operates correctly but when daisy chained with the router the network light comes on but the router cant/wont make contact to “dial” out I suspect it is an address problem but the Belkin auto set-up program investigates all of these sort of things and seems to be happy but still it won’t talk to the modem

Before I put all my hair out has anyone else had this problem and found a fix.

By the way the Modem is a SITECOM ASDL Modem Combo and on the front of the box it says “ suitable for use combined with a router” that why I bought it


BELKIN Router and Modem Problem

I can't speak for your own situation...

I'd advise to have a look at the settings, if you can gain access to the manual ones on the Belkin.

If you still can't get it working, i'd get an integrated ADSL Modem+Router+WiFi included.

My recommendation... DSL G604T