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Audio Files longer than 60 seconds.

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Audio Files longer than 60 seconds.

I had need the other day to copy audio from a tape to make a file on the PC and came across a problem. My earlier PC's had always had a seperate sound card and the software that can with these sound cards provided a recording program to create .wav files.
With modern systems where the sound is built in as part of the motherboard all you get is the drivers to make the sound section work.
Digging into windows XP I could only find a recording program that gave 60 seconds worth and then stopped, which was not a lot of use to me.

I found a solution after searching the net and came up with some rather elegant free software called "Audacity". This is a very useful tool that will allow inputs from Microphone, Line in, and in fact anything that you can hear through the speakers.
It will save the resulting file as .wav or MP3 with no limit on the ime (unless you set one) so I though I would share this find with other forum readers.

The program is called "Audacity" and can be downloaded from here. It has versions for Windows 98, ME, 2000, & XP You can also edit the files with the program.