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Apple IChat AV + ISight Cameras - setup


Apple IChat AV + ISight Cameras - setup

Has anyone done this?
I have a Plusnet ADSL account and the Solwise router feeding to an Apple Airport and three Mac computers.

I have already opened the ports through the Mac firewall as advised in Apple's tech bulletins, but we get no joy and similar failure messages at each end.
According to Solwise I have to set up NAT rules in the router to forward 4 ports to the computer, give the computer a static ip instead of the address currently served out by the router with DHCP. Then set up internet sharing on the main Mac, which I currently don't have to do as the router is giving out local addresses.
And all this at both ends (to another Plusnet setup nearly identical).

Maybe someone out there has their setup working so at least I could try video connecting to them (before or) after changing all my details first?

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Apple IChat AV + ISight Cameras - setup

Apple would seem to suggest that although you only need to open 4 ports in it's own firewall (because it only blocks TCP packets), you would need to open up UDP ports as well on a router firewall to get video working.

See this Apple article for the full range, if you haven't found it already.

I'm not a Solwise or an iChat expert, but I would guess you would need to forward incoming packets to a specific computer. If this is so, I hope you only want to use iChat on the one machine.

As I understand it, to enable iChat on more than one computer behind a NAT router, you require a router with a SIP proxy/server, so each user name is associated with a local IP address.

Apple IChat AV + ISight Cameras - setup

Yep, thanks for that.

I would only use it on one machine, the one that's on all the time so it gets the same ip address from the Airport - - all the time - this seems sensible to me.

The best I can come up with is . . it's a 3 stage process:-

1 - Open/ forward the 4 correct ports through router, with a NAT rule(s),

2 - In the Airport setup, map the public ports via to my private ports with the same number, eg port 5060 via to port 5060,

3 - Open the Apple firewall ports.

It may all be impossible however, since I have seen posts elsewhere on the Apple discussion forums that point to the iChat server used by Apple not behaving as routers expect. If I can establish this is the case Apple will be getting two cameras back.

As usual with Apple they just don't seem to care, judging by the response others with the same problem have had.
The annoying thing is, it works fine to some people but not to the important ones.