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Any Firebox experts out there ???


Any Firebox experts out there ???

Hi All Sad
We have replaced a Firebox X5 edge with an X700 Core with Fireware Pro. The edge worked fine with the following IP scheme (changed slightly!): : Gateway address (set as gateway) : ADSL Router (routing..) : Firebox (orig x5 + now x700) : Broadcast

Mask = (/30)

I'm using the same external IP address on the X700 as with the previous X5 ( but the X700 will not allow me to set the correct netmask of /30 - it insists on /24 so lots of ip addresses are not routing correctly in/out - the X5 was quite happy with this! The x700 says 'the default gateway you entered is a network address. please enter a valid ip address" - is there anything i can do to correct this (by the way i tested another site with an x1000 and this did the same!)
any help really appreciated as this is becoming a problem. many thanks!!!!