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Any Advice on Getting a Windows XP OEM replacement disk?


Any Advice on Getting a Windows XP OEM replacement disk?

Ok here goes,

I recently bought a new hard disk for my computer from a supplier in Manchester. At the same time I bought a copy of XP Pro OEM edition as I am allowed to under Microsoft's own rules (It has to be bought with a required component i.e. Hard Disk/Motherboard/Processor/Memory)

All was installed fine, however the disk was damaged soon after install (my own fault) and is unreadable.

I have tried to get a replacement out of the supplier I bought it from, however they say that their supplier will not offer replacement disks and that I would have to buy another copy.

Microsoft however says that the supplier should provide a replacement and that if it was a Retail version they could supply a new disk. However as it is OEM they dont stock this for end user supply.

It all boils down to, I cannot get a replacement from where I bought it or from Microsoft. As it got damaged before I had a way of making a copy, I now have a legal version of XP on my computer but no way of re-installing if anything goes wrong.

Anyone got any ideas?

It is Win XP Pro SP1a OEM.


Any Advice on Getting a Windows XP OEM replacement disk?

Legally, you could obtain a copied disk, however, there are a few ground rules which must be followed.

1: It would have to be an generic OEM version. It can't be a branded OEM or retail disk.

2: You must obtain a copy from a legal disk. IE, soebody else with a legal copy

3: You must retain the original damaged disk. Both this and the licence sticker are your proof of ownership.

Technacally any copy is illegal, however, following a few strict rules should solve this. You can simply class the copy as your own single copy, from which, I advise you to make a further copy (with your original now damaged, any new disk could be classed as the master).

However, there are also a few steps you can take to see if you can further obtain a replacment original disk (which will cost you some anyhow).

Re-contact microsoft, and state that you understand they can't deal with replacment disks for OEM version (only the OEM).

Included, you should ask if the company involved has the right to refuse, or if there OEM licence states they must be in a possition to offer replacments.

If they should be offering them, is there any licence requirement on the costs of such disks.

From this, you should be in a possition to further know if the supplier must locate and supply a replacment.

Any Advice on Getting a Windows XP OEM replacement disk?


Thanks for the reply. In response to some of the points raised:-

1. It is a generic OEM copy. Lovely Microsoft Holographic Disk Wink

2. This I understand. Unfortunately everyone I know with XP either has a customised/BIOS locked copy i.e. Dell etc. or a version lower than mine. ie XP original. I've not been able to find any info as to whether my licence key will work with XP original or if it is OEM SP1a specific

3. Luckily got both the disk and the sticker still

I've spoke to Microsoft again and they have said that the OEM supplier SHOULD replace the disk. Apparently they get this a fair bit.

Their recommendation was that I phone back the place where I bought XP and get the 2nd level supplier's details. Then I should phone them and ask directly for a replacement. If they wont replace it, suggest that they contact Microsoft. However, Microsoft seemed to indicate there was no way to force either supplier to replace the disk.

I have explained to everyone that I am quite happy to pay for the cost of the replacement disk. It was my fault it got broken in the first place.

Why is life so difficult. lol


Any Advice on Getting a Windows XP OEM replacement disk?

You should then contact your supplier as microsoft say. There luckily is one time when a licence comes in usful to the user.

If you have a referance number for the help you obtained off of MS, then you quote this to the suppliers, and state that under licence, they are obbliged to supply a replacment disk, or in turn, have one supplied by there supplier, and so on.

I have copies of XP Home + SP1, but none of Pro (except locked copies), which is a shame.

However, XP Pro as a non-locked OEM edition is likely rare. My advice is to keep pushing your supplier.

It may also help to see if you can locate a copy of the OEM supply licence (this is available on the MS site somewhere). Quoting section names is allways nice, and may get there ears opened up somewhat.