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Another problem i no but can u help?


Another problem i no but can u help?

Right there has been so many problems with my pc and geting my laptop 2 work on the network which i have sorted now. Ok i had 2 use system restore so many times my spare space on my hard drive has gone from 30 gig free down 2 6gig. How come this has happend and how do i correct it.

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Another problem i no but can u help?

- Empty the recycle bin
- Empty your temp folder and also the ones in Documents & settings for each user.
- Clear your browser cache

- Disable system restore then re-enable it. Note: this will delete all the restore points so only do this if you are sure your system is performing correctly. And make sure you set a system restore point immediately after it. You may also want to limit the amount of space used by system restore.

- There are also a number of directories in your windows folder related to the patches/fixes via windows update. Thet are called $NtUninstall****$. They are backup folders containg the files necessary to uninstall the various fixes identified by the folder number. If you are sure you don't want to uninstall the windows fixes, you can delete these folders.

- Delete all the files in Windows\Prefetch. This is only a temp measure as this folder will fill up again as you run more programs.

- Try doing a full filesystem search looking for files > say 1Megabyte and see if any can be deleted.

- Uninstall any apps you don't want.

- Download a free util called treesize which will show where all your disk space has gone so you know where to look to save space.

Another problem i no but can u help?

the main reason is system restore.. its pointless.. just turn it off.. each one of its "save points" takes a huge amount of space, and u can just reinstall xp if it goes wrong.. so what if u have to install some apps again.. u dont loose any data and u also clean out ur regtree.. all good things