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Another permissions Question

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Another permissions Question


Got another lil problem, i have found the easiest way to backup my MYSQL databases (on my local machine) was to take a copy of MYSQL's /data dir. There is no messing about, you can just save these files and then put them back when your up and running again.

Well at least that was the story on windoze.
Now i am on linux the root owns the /data dir, and i cant copy my files into it... bummer dude!!!

How can i get my databases into that dir?

Methinks i could use
sudo cp
, but would this be right? Would i then be blocked from modifying the folders, cos that wouldnt be much use.

Realising that this is my second post on permissions, methinks i could do a bit of reading on the subject, anyone know a good place to start, that uses plain english? (I have got a basic grasp of what is going on, but as you can see there is a few slightly more complex operatins i havent got my head around.... yet

Another permissions Question

Hi jabb0,

OK permissions on files and folders is NOT a simple subject as you will already appreciate. (well it appears simple in the begining but gets more & more complex) so reading up is definately to be recommended. I would suggest that you start off with leaning permissions for files & folders on windows NT or 2000 or XP (BEFORE you tackle LINUX). Some of the basic principals are similar or the same between the two OS's.

Learning permissions for files & folder in Linux is different in some ways becuase linux comes from a UNIX background so Linux permissions are VERY unix like. And unix permissions are more complex than windows file system permissions, in unix there are more layers of sophistication that can be applied to files and folders. The basic unix type file & folder permissions are 1) the user 2) the user group or group permissions 3) Universal / everyone group or the directory.

Unix linux style permissions uses very different syntax for setting file & folder permissions from MS Windows (unless your one of those clever people who do nothing else but work from command lines ALL the time?). Unix linux permissions do take abit more learning than those in windows.

**And I havent even mentioned Group permissions either.

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Posts: 716
Registered: 18-09-2007

Another permissions Question

Thats as scary as a good ghost story mate Wink

I would like to think i am not a complete noob, but the most i have had to deal with as far as permissions go is getting my website scripts on this plusnet CGI space.

I like books, im not a bookworm far from it, but i think a good book to use as a reference is usually faster than trawling through the net looking an answer, not to mention you can almost definitly trust a book.

On that note i have an old book which came with red hat 7, i bought it in an attempt to install linux, but i was young, and naive and gave up almost straight away - methinks basic/fundamental things like file permissions, aint gonna change that often, so ya think this book would suffice to teach me a bit... is it worth reading now?

If ya think so, reccomend any good stuff i should keep an eye out for?
If not know a good reference book, or the like, which i should get me hands on?