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Alcatel Router firmware? HELP!


Alcatel Router firmware? HELP!

HI I have an old Alcatel starter pack router. 1 port.

I wasnt to upgrade the formware if possible.
Alcatel version 3881 Version 2.6f

It has 1 port and does not say speedtouch on it.(ie not a later model I think). does not mention anything like this. said I have to ask here. (Stupid I know!)

Any Help very appreciated so I can get 8mbs.


J Gerhardt
p.s The forum search returned all messages every time so Im resorting to asking as I cant find my answer anywhere
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Alcatel Router firmware? HELP!

These seem to be all the upgrades currently offered by Alcatel. If you can't find an upgrade on Google for your equipment, you may just have the choice of scrapping it, or trying one of the upgrades on this page to see if the machine accepts it.

Perhaps it is so old that it's not upgradeable. A couple of years is a long time in router/modem terms.