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Advice required: Setting up Personal Webcams


Advice required: Setting up Personal Webcams

I current have a single webcam which is run by a simply auto-scheduled FTP program uploading a jpg to the server.
I have now activated my CGI & MySQl, and want a solution whereby I can have 3 streaming webcams on my Plus Net webspace.

I am looking for free script sofware and web software ideally, but if there is a better alternative for a reasonable price I would consider.
I have 2 USB Webcams and a WinTV card which i wish to draw from.
They may not be live streaming (pos 1 min updates), but I would like to option of live streaming.
An FTP Upload prog will obvioulsy not suffice, so I believe I need something scripted.

I am running XP pro, and have a little unix/sql knowledge, but haven't used PHP/CGI scripting before, so if you know of any good resources, then that is also useful.

Any PlusNet customers already runing "live" webcams?
I'd be interested to see your page and source for ideas.
(Mine is a personal, non-commercial page).


Still No-One?

I can understand that PlusNet may not be overly keen on "live" streaming due to bandwidth considerations!!

Surely using Linux scripting and CGI scripts (I have CGI etc active on my PlusNet account), it should be possible to find a solution!!



Advice required: Setting up Personal Webcams

Try WebcamXP pro, it seems pretty good and ya can export the script for yer webpage around the webcam images, or put wc images into existing pages, same result. There is a free trial on their site,

Thanks for the info

I'd not heard of WebcamXp before - it looks, from the spec, like it'll do all I want. I'll give it a try.

Many Thanks.