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Advice on Routers


Advice on Routers

Hi all, I've been tinkering with the idea of getting myself a router so i can connect up my second computer. The thing that has stopped me in the past was the fact that the game i've played for 3 years now online present version being Links 2003 golf sim, seemed to give a lot of router users in our club grief
something to do with Links picking up the wrong IP address. But now a few people who do play through a router say that its quite easy to configure the required ports to play. I remmeber acarr posting a few months back saying he had some difficulty trying to help someone configure their router to play links.
Well this is the router i have my eye on or has anyone any suggestions please.

Advice on Routers

I do remember posting about issue with a online golf game, however, these where not with a PlusNet customer. It was around 13 months ago now with a less-known (US based only from memory) game.

Many of the larger gaming companiesare in a market where they must cater for most setups, or face losses. Others are just get out and plays, where less can be invested in making this area OK.

The best thing you can do before purchasing a router, is to look at what features you want from the router, and not from a gaming perspective (we will get onto that).

Then looks at all the models you can see that do this.

Next you need to look at what you have on your system, and what your system was intended for. you can them look at the softwares website, and the website of software you may potentialy want.

On these look at the support pages or user support groups/forums. See what experiances people have had (the fault finding section is usualy the best). Look to see what models they have and if a solution is posted.

You can then usualy match it to your own list, or even add routers you find on the support forums to it.

Then is the time to shop around.

Advice on Routers

Thanks for the quick response Phil, the idea for connecting up my spare
computer is so that my wife can do her HR (Human Resources) course work
on it. She's doing a year long course through her company. I have'nt thought about what else i would do with two computers running at the same time but i'm sure i'd have fun.

Advice on Routers

despite the first one breaking, the second onw going the same way, and the long-winded replacement......I have found the routers that PLusNett supply are good fo port forwarding, blocking and protection.
The network I have is all plugged into one router (solwise) and iit runs like a dream, until my other half decides to tinker with her machine Smiley
Although I do not profess to be an expert of any kind, the NAT and firewall appear to be diong their job and i@m happy with the remote configuration tools and ease of use.
That's my two pennies worth, do I get any change?? Shocked)