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'Advent' Computer / In Built Card Reader?


'Advent' Computer / In Built Card Reader?

I purchased an Advent notebook because it came with a 4 in 1 card reader...

On getting the said computer home I took a few photographs on my digital camera, thinking that it was a simple matter of inserting the memory card into the slot at the side of the computer.

My cards are XD, Compact Flash.

Unfortunately it would appear that an adaptor is required to make use of the in built card reader!

Having studied the manual that came with the computer there seems to be no reference as to how the card reader is to be used.

No mention of an adaptor being required.

In my haste to purchase the computer I forgot to ask the sales assistant about the in built card reader.

Any suggestions please.
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'Advent' Computer / In Built Card Reader?

a bit after the event, but caveat emptor ... a quick google seems to suggest that the cards your laptop is likely to support are SD, MS, MS Pro and MMC, and not XD or CF
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'Advent' Computer / In Built Card Reader?

It's unusual for a card reader not to support CF but it looks like Advent decided not to bother with that one. Keeps the number of slots down I suppose, as MMC and SD are physically the same and usually share the same slot, as would MS and MS Pro (and the Pro Duo as well, that's just a shorter card). A reader that supported these would be described as a "4 in 1" even though it would need only two slots.

I have had experience of adaptors for XD cards. It was a Fuji product and you put the XD card into it then inserted the adaptor into a CF slot. Have to say that it was an expensive waste of money, at £33 it never worked in my 6 in 1 card reader although strangely, it worked fine in a Kodak digital camera.

Personally, I wouldn't even bother looking at adaptors, if your built in reader won't read your cards, get yourself an external one - I bought this one a while back, it's small, portable and it hasn't let me down yet.
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'Advent' Computer / In Built Card Reader?

The CF card is also the largest and considered by some as legacy, its now only used on SLR camera. And the xD is a bit obscure, its really a cut down “SmartMedia” with little better performance in its earlier guise. Speeds have improved but still not to the levels of SD and Memory Stick.