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Active switch


Active switch

Can anyone recommend what type of switch/router I need to connect to a wireless 4 port adsl modem router (Kcorp) next to the master socket.

I have hardwired with a cat 5 cable (don't trust wireless for fast video streaming) to the other side of the room where I need 4 ports with i assume, active(?) switching. The main requirement being that I want to be able to have computers etc communicate with each other without any slowdown, so what kind of hardware do I need to look/ask for?


Active switch

How many items (systems) are you wanting to connect?

The 4 ports on your existing ADSL router will likely handle 10 and 100 Mbps and should be adequate for file transfers between PCs even while you are using the internet (traffic to/from the net will be slower than beween PCs, normally).

Also, while there are some applications which can pull 100++ Mbps, you'd then need to look at Gigabit kit, with one port connected to your existing ADSL router, as there aren't any ADSL modem/router units with 10/100/1000 Mbps as far as I know.
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Active switch

Go for the cheapest 100MB switch. Unless you need to shift many GB at very frequent intervals between your PCs you won't know the difference. I was looking for an unswitched hub for a particular reason - you can't get them now - everything seems to start at 100MB switches now. Using that you'll shift about 700MB (byte) a minute between your PCs.

Have you tried plugging them all in to the router? I'd be surprised if you saw any problems.
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Active switch

Hi Guys,

I'm moving this over to the Computers and Hardware forum as it's the correct place for this and it's less likely to get lost in the list of other threads.

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Active switch

Take a look at this link for Netgear switches (avoid hubs).