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Access to Firewall log on Voyager 205?


Access to Firewall log on Voyager 205?

Having given up on the Draytek (see other thread!) Im going with the Voyager 205's built in firewall.

I've gone to Advanced ~ IP Settings and setting up the rules seems easy enough (10 out of 10 for the excellent help page!). I can also enable logging for each rule (and set log options), and the help page suggests that I can view these logs but doesn't say how. It was late but I can't find anywhere on the Web UI menu to do this.

google is my friend and I discover ...

The Voyager 205 has a telnet interface (called the CLI - Command Line Interface). Having a poke through this it seems to be possible to redirect trace (log?) messages to email, trace, both, or none (can't remember the command just now). However, I can't find any way of actually viewing the trace. I can retrieve various trace config settings etc.

Oh - the CLI command set is very cool. Assuming all commands are supported this is a beast of a modem Wink

The CLI command set looks suspeciously like the one from an old SolWise box I had once. A SolWise 135 I think ....

Any ideas how I can view the modem logs?