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Access Problem


Access Problem

I just bought a second user desktop off ebay
When i try to install an OpSys on the little blighter, it tells me
"you already have an operating system installed in the folder
you are trying to install to, if you proceed any data will be lost"
I thought "strange", so i clicked on "OK" and it all went well
recognising all the hardware etc. Then the problem started....
no matter how many times i tried to input my ISP username and
password, it would just access the ISP but then disconnect saying
it didnt recognise the password !!!! The line was activated as usual
When i open the ISP login window there is no password there !!!!!
I have checked the setiings with tech support and they are correct.
The thing that has me foxed is this "folder" i keep getting on every
subsequent re-install. Could that be the cause?
I even bought a brand new hard drive to see if that would cure it, but to no avail
Any help would be good, as this machine i am typing this on is on
its way out

Its a Compaq EP500, and ex corporate, which might have something to do with it?
I am thinking BIOS here - could THAT be the cause?