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ATI 9800SE Hercules All in Wonder problems


ATI 9800SE Hercules All in Wonder problems

im quiet annoyed with the quality of the gfx card i jst got ^^^

it marks at 13.5/14 on 3dmark 2001 SE iv been unsucessful in softmodding it with the omega drivers but iv been getting random crashes, with the default drivers on cd, iv used my m8s drivers
softmod.wxp-w2k-catalyst-7-962-031202m1-012924c <

iv got the .net framework and all the updates for opengl runnin windows xp home

which seem to be working fine, exeption of a few pixles in HL missing but i cnt tell really

but the stability of the fps in hl is rather random and wondering if theres any patches or anything out there for it, theres supposed to be one for the crashing but these drivers r fine.

ATI 9800SE Hercules All in Wonder problems

ATI used to (few months ago) have the latest drivers on their site ( but you have to read all the readmes and notes before doing anything, then follow all the instructions, in the correct order, for everything (DVD, TV etc) to work.