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ADSL modem shortcuts keep re-appearing! registry fix?


ADSL modem shortcuts keep re-appearing! registry fix?

i have the PCI ADSL modem (connextant access runner drivers) and i deleted the shortcuts created during install from my desktop.. however after every re-start the desktop shortcuts keep re-appearing - this f****** annoys me! i dont want them there!

having looked at the registry i suspect there may be a simple fix i can apply to stop them appearing but cant find any info on it anywhere.. does anyone know what key and what value might sort it? has anyone else had this issue?

have a look at the screen grab for registry..

Moderators note by John (johnessex) Very large file converted to a link as it was way off the screen.

stop PCI ADSL modem icons reappearing on desktop

apologies for large file.. i thought it would link rather than embed...

anyway solution to problem..
**NOTE - be careful when playing with the registry - dont do it if youre likely to f*** it up!!

1. set all keys (shown in screenshot) ending in 'Locations' to 8 (18 is desktop) - this stops the wizard, control panel, help icons etc re-appearing

to stop network connection shortcut icon from reappearing..

1. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Conexant\AccessRunner ADSL\Connectoids\0000 - set 'shortcutLocations' to 8

to stop ugly icon in taskbar from appearing..

1. delete the 'CnxDslTb.exe' reg key from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Conexant\AccessRunner ADSL\Files\APPLICATION
2. rename the 'CnxDslTb.exe' in program files\ADSL PCI\ADSL PCI Modem to 'CnxDslTb.unused.exe'
3. (optional) now on your network connection select 'show icon in tray when connected'

voila - no more ugly anvil thing taking over your desktop Cool