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A rather vague question


A rather vague question


My workmate wishes to put his collection of LP's onto DVD:to which end he has bought hinself some DVD-R's.

In the past he has been able to record documents etc to DVD without any problems.I am not sure what software he uses but I know he has Windows XP Home Edition, and the software he is using for the project is that which came on CD-Rom supplied with His Packard Bell computer.

The problem he is having is that when he tries to put the recorded music onto a DVD the system does not "see" any disc in the drive.

I know this is very vague, and my google search has totally confused me so a rough idea as to what is going on, or a list of questions to ask him would be appreciated.

I am wondering if
a) it is a file format thing
b) the software supplied with the computer does not do DVD's
c) he is getting the wrong DVD-R's as I have noticed on google mention of DVD-R & DVD+R and am not sure if that makes a difference.

A difficult one I know but any forthcoming help will be gratefully appreciated

Ian & Linda Jordan

A rather vague question

Hi Ian and Linda

It certainly could be a file format problem... Although I do wonder why he put them to DVD when he could put them into mp3, and then burn to a dvd...

Anyway, less of my ideas! Could be the fact that the drive can only read + or - DVDr/rw discs, which would show where the problem is.

I had the same problem with my DVD-R/RW laptop, i bought a pack of 10 DVD+R discs... Spot the big eejit!

Best thing he could try is get a DVD +/- R/RW which can read (and burn) both plus and minus formats... heck, even go for dual layer!

I hope this helps


A rather vague question


1) check model of the DVD drive and then google it to see what formats it does take (be it +/-/both/Ram)

2) check the DVDs are the same as the type as you have just found out as if the drive is + and the disks are - then they wont be seen


A rather vague question

Thanks folks

I think I will have to let him sort this one out for himself, as he is using the correct (-) type of DVD for his drive.

Further questioning turns up that the DVD is not showing in "My Computer" so something radically wrong somewhere.

But at least I tried :-)

Thanks again

Ian & Linda Jordan