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A Long shot aimed at anyone else using Mac OS X+Safari


A Long shot aimed at anyone else using Mac OS X+Safari

Hi All

I quite like using the new version of "Safari",and it mostly suits my needs.However I am puzzled about something,and although it is hardly an end of the world situation,would appreciate any ideas or thoughts on the subject.

It is regarding Plusnets Webcams....... Internet Explorer,Netscape and Mozzilla all pick them up ok without the need to download or install anything.So I am wondering what they have that Safari does not,because all I see with Safari is the box open but with a blank black screen.

I do recall that in my distant past days of Windows 98SE (well 4 months ago anyway) I needed to download some software to be able to view them but cannot remember what it was,and if I need something similar for Safari

It may well be that it is a case of......... that is Safari tough there is nothing that can be done.But that is not a major problem I can always use another browser:it's just that I am curious as to why most browsers see the webcams whereas one does'nt


Ian & Linda Jordan

Re Safari & webcams

As far as I'm aware Safari doesn't support streamed images at present. That may change with future updates. I suppose Apple just don't see it as a priority.