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2 Modem Question


2 Modem Question


Is it possible to share a broadband connection between 2 Modems on 2 Computers, with 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs?

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2 Modem Question

Do you mean 2 ADSL modems, in which case no, not at the same time. You can have 2 with both connected as long as only one is powered on and connected to Plusnet. If the other PC wanted to use ADSL, the first PC would have to turn off the ADSL modem and the 2nd PC would turn it's one on.

If you mean can you share 2 56K modems with an ADSL connections then yes, as long as they are connected via a ADSL filter/splitter but only one 56K modem can be used at a time (just like a normal phone).

I am guessing you have 2 PCs and you want them to be able share the ADSL line and both surf at the same time.

You have 2 options (there are more but these are the most common):

1 - try to network them together using an Ethernet cable - probbaly not possible in your case.

2 - Use a wireless network. This involves using a wireless ADSL modem router on one PC and a wireless card in the other that communicates with the router. Both can then use the ADSL connection.

2 Modem Question

You can only have one modem plugged in at once. If the second modem is plugged in and not in use it will kill the connection depending on the modem

2 Modem Question

thanks for the replies

It was only a hypothetical question.