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105 modem and mac airports. WTF?


105 modem and mac airports. WTF?

Hallo all,

I received the plusnet 105 modem in the post today with filters etc. Fast broadband, let's go, i thought...
Now, i have an airport extreme router, and there's nowhere for the stupid usb 2.0 lead that comes out of the 105 modem to go!
Previously with my cable broadband I plugged in an ethernet cable and everything was fine and dandy.
This leads to a few questions I need help with;
1. Is there any way to connect the 105 to my router's ethernet port?
2. If not, what modem would other airport mac users recommend?
3. why the flip have plusnet sent me this modem? will they send me another, better one (thier helpline has been engaged all day)??

Thanks for reading.

105 modem and mac airports. WTF?

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do.

I would suggest looking around for a 1 Port ADSL Router as a replacement. This allowing you to forward to the Apple Airport Extreme Base Station via a RJ-45 cable.

For example: SpeedTouch 530

Multiple OS Support
- Supports Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP;
- Mac OS 8.6, 9.0 and X;
- Unix/Linux (Ethernet only)

I am guessing that all ADSL Routers should work aslong as they have the RJ-45 port. The Airport is simply acting as a bridge so I dont think there can be any incompatability issues, but I am not a Mac user so I could be wrong.

good advice, cheers

thanks very much! Smiley