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why doesn't metronet offer unlimited downloads??


why doesn't metronet offer unlimited downloads??

I have just noticed that Tiscali offers 1Mb broadband with unlimited use for £12.99 normally, £14.99. At Metronet I pay £13.75 for 1Mb broadband with limited download. It is very easy to exceed Metronet's initial download allowance without even being a heavy user. I am very impressed with Metronet and want to stay with them , but the download limit is making this fantasitic product look less attractive. Can't you remove the download limits?

why doesn't metronet offer unlimited downloads??

Unlimited - but there is a very vague "Fair Usage" restriction

Basically it says "if we think you are using too much we will tell you twice and then restrict your speeds"

why doesn't metronet offer unlimited downloads??


Another thing to note is that if MetroNet lives up to its promises, you should soon (end of the month/start of next?) be getting upgraded for free to 4MB speeds (exchange depending).

The download allowance remains as is though.

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why doesn't metronet offer unlimited downloads??

There's no such thing as a free lunch.

DVD poachers jump ISP to an "unlimited" service, the ISP then has to subsidise their leeching.

Eventually it's faced with the choice of putting up prices across the board, or shaping traffic, or in the worst cases, selling out to a bigger ISP (sorry, couldn't resist).

If people have a genuine need to download 60gb a month, then they have a genuine reason to be paying a lot more than £20pcm for a truly unlimited (possibly even a business) DSL connection.

If they're too tight to pay extra for it, then why should the ISP and the rest of us subsidise them?

I'm an IT consultant; I've never even hit 5gb downloading in one month, even though I download full-size ISOs from the MSDN site on a regular basis and have on occasion downloaded GHOST images of appliances that are over 3GB in size without going over the limit.

When I have had to pay extra, it's always been because I'd left P2P running, and that month, more bandwidth was being used by people leeching off my hard disk, than by me downloading. So I stopped using it. P2P causes more congestion than straight downloads.

Leechers who set their computer up on P2P to download loads of movies, are no different to the people who park in congested residential streets or disabled bays to avoid using Pay & Display, and then whinge if they get blocked in or ticketed.

why doesn't metronet offer unlimited downloads??

I bet you feel better after getting that off your chest Cheesy
I pretty much feel the same way as you.. My work mate has been bragging about how he's got to buy a new HD because he's filled his 150gig drive up. He's only been on adsl a couple of months. Don't ask, I haven't got a clue either.
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