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who here thinks pn is no longer a viable good isp????


who here thinks pn is no longer a viable good isp????

If you were having slow speeds with aol i suggest using a router and bypassing aol. You will lose all the browser content as you are going through a router.

My girlfriend was having speed troubles and i said stuff it im getting u a router (a wireless one) and the frontend is never used anymore. Plus you never have to logon. It is rock solid, and no bandwidth restrictions on downloading whatsoever.

It may change in the future, but aol are going to in the next month, bring most of their content to the outside world. Good or bad? your choice but for those who like it (I despise it personally) it is great!

I think I may go to aol but i may stick with plus net - I do like these forums and the 250Mb webspace is fine if you use it.

who here thinks pn is no longer a viable good isp????

ok, here it is, just want to raise a few points here and see what folks think, and maybe, and i do mean maybe plus net may get some idea of exactly what all this messing about us customers , understand or do not like.

ok bit of history,

i joined plus net some4 years ago after a recomendation, and instantly fell in love with it, superb speed, customer service, and most of all UNLIMITED service.
i even paid the extra 3 pound for the previalge of using p2p, but as i write this today, iam afraid i have finally had enough, and you know what straw finally broke the camels back......
an email yeserday warning me i had downloaded 8.4 gigs worth of content, (dont need to justify ,but i will, 2 online game clients, and some documanterys iam using for work), and what really really annoys me here, is the stupid wording of it all.........

..... "you are at 8.4 of the 15 gig allowed", i have only 12 days left of my next billiing date anyway.

its all the principle of the thing here, and the BIGGEST gripe i all these 4 years of changing this , changing that, and to be honest it all may as well be written in swahili for what use any descriptions have been to try and justify all these changes
and in ALL that time not ONCE have we been offered a cheaper price.....oh no the 22 quid comes out like clockwork, and yet as of today we find were only allowed 15 gigs peaktime, and only can use at night.....

iam sorry , but all in all plus net has turned into a monster, that quite frankly iam not going to put up with anymore, why the hell should i pay STILL 22 pounds a month for a far far less product that i originally signed up for.

well after a tiny bit of research into other isps, yes its nowdays hard to find a unlimited one,but ive herd there are some, even other capping netwroks, can offer me so so much more than i get now, and at a far less cheaper price.

but sadly in all net just dont care, you ring them and put all this to them, bar from talking to some young kid who quite frankly my 8 year old could do better, they just give robotic standard answers, they must be reading off a card i swear they are.

so all in all guys heres one very sad, annoyed LOYAL plus net customer who is finally looking into moving net if your have virtually killed this isp and drove it into the ground.

one way of realising this....months ago i could't stop recomending plus net to friends and frankly i would be embarressed......and that my friends is the bottom line.......

...somebody here try and convince me otherwise that plus net is still the best option...21.99 a month for CAPPED service which i can only use if i want to turn into a zombie.......i think you will be hard pushed to find any plus points....i sure as hell couldnt find any.....

who here thinks pn is no longer a viable good isp????

Well i for one wont be helping you to change your mind. I have been with Plusnet and Force9 years ago and they were they are terrible and that isn't for want of a better word.

They are very quickly becoming a joke of an ISP and i myself have been looking around for another ISP to move to.....just a matter of time.

Plusnet have no chance now i am afraid i really honestly dont think there is anything they can do to keep me and others now...I have been paying £24.99 for about 3 or 4 years and i am still on 2mb and they have no clue at all when i will switch over to fact you know i am not going to list all the faults as my fingers would hurt with all the typing.

Just waiting to find the best of the rest and i for one am gone.....shame as Plusnet were probably the best ISP around.
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who here thinks pn is no longer a viable good isp????

I used to think the exact same thing... BUT...

My usage habbits have since changed - and it is perhaps for that reason that I consider Plusnet to be a viable ISP for me.

My usage used to be as high as 80GB a month, but was on average around 40GB. It is now considerably less at about 3-4GB maximum.

I am now on the BB+ product, as I do not require P2P usage, and just use my connection for email and Http - and a bit of FTP when managing my forum. Thats it.

During my recent outage of service (which I now firmly believe was a BT fault) I did look around at other providers, and given my usage requirements, and current expenditure, I could find no suitable alternative.

There were plenty of offers that had the "up to 8mb speeds" and "1GB usage included" - but I wanted more than 1GB. It is at that point that many providers jumped up in price.

So in short, yes, I will be sticking with Plusnet, and I do feel that they are viable for my current usage.

Though it is probably more due to my usage now fitting with that of Plusnets desired target customer base that results in this.

If my usage was well above the threshold of the product or I relied heavily on any particular aspect of the service that has been fundamentaly changed over the years, then I too would be dissapointed.

I feel for those that are in the above category and are now left with a service that they feel no longer fits with what they signed up for, but, and call me selfish if you will, Im looing after my own pocket, and Im not about to jump ship until I find a better deal, or the product no longer suits my requirements.

who here thinks pn is no longer a viable good isp????

Well it isn't just the caps etc. I think i have got notice of a cap about once in 4 years's about everything else as well...loyalty to customers, service stability....stupid downgrade costs. T&C etc etc etc

who here thinks pn is no longer a viable good isp????

I've been with plusnet for just short of a year, but I'm very happy with them.

- I get great download speeds
- I can only remember one bit of downtime
- They manage their network better than any other ISP I know, which makes it fair for everyone not just me.
- The package I am on is value for money (premier 1) @ £21.99

Granted, I've never needed to ring or contact support once in my time (or at least I dont think), and sometimes the changes they make can take a little time to get your head round, but once you understand the reasons why then everything falls into place.

I work 9-5 so I don't download during the day that often, I only use the internet for browsing on an evening, and I know I can download during the night without any issues.

Plusnet suit me fine.

My friend is currently looking for a new ISP, he is with fast24 at the minute, I've been helping him, and to be honest there are very few ISP's out there who offer the same as plusnet. You have to think that alot of the network management with plusnet is automated, it's not with alot of other ISP's which can cause problems.

In my opinion plusnet are leading the way for ISP's, and I feel it's pointless for me to move to another ISP when it's more or less nailed on that they are going to impose the same systems and restrictions as plusnet.

I dread the day that I need to contact technical support about any issues as I've read a number of posts on here about how bad it is, and coming from a technical support background I know how hard a job it can be for the customer service agents as well.

All I can say is thank you to plusnet for such a great service, and I'll look forward to payment of £100 direct to by bank account for posting this message. Smiley

who here thinks pn is no longer a viable good isp????

I think the whole point of this is PN are great for the very light user, not light, very light as 10gb per month isnt much at all.

The fact is that PN want a customer base of web surfers, they dont want ppl who download, gamers or indeed any other type of time sensitive or streaming application users.

Fact is there now associated with "Ive heard bad things about them" and so dont have the hot rep they had last year.

And as someone who transferred over to another provider last Monday, I can assure you that if you think you are getting a good fast clean service, you arent, oh my god are you not.
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who here thinks pn is no longer a viable good isp????

i totally agree. only fault i have with plusnet which i believe many others people have problems with is the way in which plusnet commiuicate with the customers.

speeds have been fine when they meant to be..(none throttled times) I love the priotery ideas as my VOIP/ts/gaming being at top if all i do during peak hour(plus bit of surfing)

i am a heavy users just hit 52gb last month. But only 8.8gb of that was peak times. And i have 4 computers on the network and 2 laptops.

when i have had to contact plusnet on phone i must say that it was best customer service i have had.

also you said paid £22 all time and have been on unlimited?

so you was what 512kb? or 1mb account becuase the 2mb i sighed up for was 39.99 and that was not a bad price at the time. but when they knocked nearly to half price that is very impressive.

and plusnet downgrade fees are well understandible as well as fact bt charge a downgrade of speed.

Then there was plusnet upgrading everyone to 2mb and now plusnet (not doing perfect job) but are upgrading everyone to 8mb... unlike other isp who you either pay more a month/ pay for upgrade and you have to ask for it while plusnet are doing it to all customer who many not even know about it but are thankful for the upgrade in speed.

also cant see how you can say a 10gb per month is a very light user. as aobut 25% of user use less then a 1gb a month. and about 50% use less then 10gb.

10gb a month is more like a average user.

i still love you plusnet...... to get my 8mb sorted Cheesy

who here thinks pn is no longer a viable good isp????

littlened, nice to see your enjoying it m8,

just a few come backs though,

i think here the main gripe of most customers here, me included, is the sheer changing and changing every few months, to an extent sometimes i dont think even plus net know whats going on.

my main problem here, and this is probably THE only reason i would stay, and that is the cost has NEVER gone down, eventhough our service has, and by a lot to.
and iam sorry but to make everybody turn into zombies and make us all dowload overnight is to be honest rediculous, and surley that will lower speeds anyway if we ALL take note.

and i also dont belive either that there should be ANY capping at all at peak times....dont get me wrong...i do agree if the real bad people who hammer it 24/7 they should deffinately be stopped, and thats the easiest thing in the world to do, i would simply make 1 warning and then just kick them off plus net alltogether, thats how to cure that.......

.... not by punishing proper customers, who after all signed up for an unlimited service oly to be hammered now, i mean me getting an email after total legit usage is really really annoying, and to be quite frank.....not what iam paying 22 quid for either.

and lets not forget here 99.9% of all maintenance is carried out at how the hell do we monitor our downloads thenHuh,

like i say its now an appalling service that you are simply fleecing us loyal customers and have been for months,......
.... ooh and please dont anybody come on here and say ...."well we have had free upgrades to 2meg..and upto 4/8 soon", absolute NO use whatssoever, given the current constraints plus net are currently applying.....whas the use of 8 meg if you have to be a zombie to get full use.

plus net, in my opinion...this service now shuld be no more than 15 a pound a month...we are using a CAPPED SERVICE, no two ways about it, and no amount of speil is going to change it......whay dont you lower the prices, iam guessing in the coming months your customer base is going to drop imensly, and theres very little you can do once there gone.........

you need to act NOW to keep long term loyal customers......current restaraints and prices are WAY off the mark.

who here thinks pn is no longer a viable good isp????

I can understand your frustration, so please don't think I'm having a go at you or anything, but I don't agree that plusnet should be charging more or that the service is capped. It's not capped just managed, you can still download what you like during the day and night, just not on an evening when bandwidth is at it's most expensive cost.

It's like driving on a toll road, it's cheaper at quiet times but expensive at busy times, simply to try and stop people using the road at busy times to help make the journey along the road as quick and stress free as possible.

I have looked at other ISP's such as freedom2surf and demon, who are both imposing some sort of restriction on their accounts that cost the same as plusnets account, so I don't think it's fair to say that plusnet need to reduce their price.

I sincerely hope you get sorted in the end though, I've been with an ISP in the past I was unhappy with and I know how stressful and frustrating it can be.
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who here thinks pn is no longer a viable good isp????

I think +Net are a good ISP!!!!!
i've been with them on ADSL for years and years!

dont get me wrong, i have had sooo meny problems and stress!
But thats life!

i've just been upgraded from 1Mbit to 3.2Mbit without any warning!
sooo supprised with plusnet!!!! Come on BT rambo! fingers crossed it'll go faster!

only one thing worries me about plusnet!
15Gig monthly limit! (peak time thank f***) but when IPTV comes out! we're all stuffed!

who here thinks pn is no longer a viable good isp????

Some ppl will be happy with the service and some wont, I think the last 12 months taught me is that what PN have done with the network management affected certain users and not others.

What everyone has had to say is right if you look at it from their perspective, I really do hope PN sort their act out because I honestly dont want you lot coming over to my new ISP Wink
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who here thinks pn is no longer a viable good isp????

if you havent kept up with broadband markets of late which doesnt look like you have. firstly about £13 of the money we give plus net goes to bt for the line. also prices have droped. i was playing £40 for 2mb now im paying 21.99 a month for a 2mb(soon 8mb)

also way people use broadband is changing so that its alot more voip/gaming and streaming videos and downloading music..... before you even count the p2p.

the reason the limits are there are for a reason. not for plusnet just to have a laugh.

i for one would leave the isp if i knew at peak hours their connections maxed out and i got high pings in gaming/ lag on voip and teamspeak and i couldnt stream a video properly. if you not selfish and put your p2p/downloads to off peak (which i find up to 4pm not hard to stick to as you could just put it on in morning before work if you wont want it on over night. then the 10gb is very easy to stick to.
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who here thinks pn is no longer a viable good isp????

I agree with what has been written.... Plusnet are trying to weed out the heavy users of bandwidth.

A year ago I may have agreed with that, but apparently over the last few months I have become one of them.

This is a combination of me discovering streaming media, gaming and P2P (TV programmes mainly). and Plusnet tightening the downloading limits.

My point is this... The internet is changing and users too are evolving. Plusnet are changing too, but in the opposite direction! Rather than embracing the changing internet and evolving users, they are determined to shed them and only retain the ever reducing number of web only users.
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who here thinks pn is no longer a viable good isp????

only other options are put up prices or less every service suffer at peak time by letting people download what they want and making time sentives activitys suffer.

the second option is a no no for nearly everyone. first one i wouldnt mind to be honest but as im happy at moment ill stay where i am