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where is the cancel button?

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Registered: 30-07-2007

where is the cancel button?

Can someone direct me to the place on this web site where I can cancel my account?

I am still in two minds because it's such a hassle to muck about changing providers - but with latest answer (fob off) I got back from the support team I am spitting blood. Grrrrrr ......F9 where did it all go so badly badly wrong fo you? I mean for gawds sakes who is in charge? It's like an episode of LOST trying to figure out whats happening!

Shocking way to treat your customers. Totally shocking.

where is the cancel button?

You have to rquest the cancellation/ MAC key through the portal and the ticket system. If you apply for your MAC today, the 30 days starts from today even if your request is not processed for 3- 4 days.