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what is a large influx of e-mail, exactly

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what is a large influx of e-mail, exactly

I just read the latest support e-mail about the mail ques. Yet again the problmem is down to to many e-mails, must ask people only to mail me once a month :-). How many e-mails can the service handle? It seams every week there are to many and it slows down. PN make promise after promise when was the first promise that changes were due this time last year?

An indication of the accpetance and frequency of the problem is the fact that there is now a page specifically to show customers the size of the mail ques. Is this psychology to make us feel bad at complaining and give pn a break as to many mails come in and it's not their fault.

I moved my mail and domain away from pn a while back as it's e-mail service is unreliable.

Soon I'll be taking my bb connection too.

so glad I moved mail and domain out.

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what is a large influx of e-mail, exactly

Surely its in the same book of excuses that the Railway Companies use?
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what is a large influx of e-mail, exactly


I can't tell you a lot about about the delays today but can give you a bit of a general overview of what's happened in the past.

Generally what we are talking about is a mail bomb attack of tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of mails against an individual or maybe a couple of individuals.

The processing of a vast increase in mails like this is generally what causes the delays.

The mail queue graphs are there to give our customers as much information as we can about how the network is operating which is why you have these graphs and the new DNS graphs as well as the per gateway figures that are now available. I'll sure we'll add more information as and when we can.
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what is a large influx of e-mail, exactly

Dave is right, it's normally a mailbomb aimed at one or a handful of customers.

As long as it's picked up pretty quickly then we can get on top of it. The issues today were due to DNS and the smarthosting from the old platform to the new I think but would need to confirm that.

Bear in mind the post was in the event that significant issues started to be seen. How many complaints have you actually seen here about customers receiving delayed mail?

Don't you like the graphs? I think it's pretty neat that we've got this info on the portal now.


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what is a large influx of e-mail, exactly

are those graphs not made by MRTG or the likes? (quite simple to make too)