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what a mess!


what a mess!

Having read a number of the issues raised, it seems clear to me that PN have really cocked up what was a good service.

The 8GB e-mails are simply irritating a large proportion of good customers.

The throttling of the service seems to be catching out more than just a few people who are "milking the system".

It seems to me that PN's recording of usage is an inaccurate joke, which cannot be supported by its users.

I also seems that we have been here before when PN tried the same tactic with the old phone line connections (BB = before broadband). PN got it wrong then, ditto now.

How to alienate good customers = PN's current stance.

Sort it PN - without all the painful gobbledegook - PLEASE!

[Moderators note by csogilvie: Title edited to remove swear word which was breaking link]