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virus report


virus report

I had an email sent to me from +net abuse saying I was reported i had a virus from a spanish co I said I had norton system works plus zonalarm pro firewall , I also done a scan from panda ( free online one) here is report

1-Click ActiveScan!
Installation finished

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1-Click ActiveScan!
The next time, start ActiveScan with just one click! Install the ActiveScan shortcut in:
Start menu
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1-Click ActiveScan! | Your Opinion - FAQs - Help Scan reportSelect a device to scan...
My Computer
Local Disks
Floppy Disk
My Documents
Other Media
Detected Disinfected
Virus 0 0
Spyware 0 0
Hacking Tools 0 0
Dialers 0 0
Security Risks 0 0
Suspicious files 0 0

why is it I get this? it is not the first time and as before nothing I did have a couple of adaware trackers I removed them with A-squared, now i bet I dont get an apology for this even though I am clean and have done everything to keep that way

virus report

Are you sure the virus email was genuine?

Also maybe the spanish co receive emails with a virus with your email address as the sender = alot of viruses will spoof the senders address. If they didn't throughly check the headers and then contacted PN abuse you'd get the email you got.

Just keep your PC clean and raise a ticket giving PN the results of your av scan, atleast then they might have a chance of apologising...

virus report

I wouldn't worry about it. Seems that you've done what you can to check and that's what's important.

I occasionally get such emails (although never from even though I run only Mac's and Linux at home.

--> Stephen