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vbu shows odd figures

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vbu shows odd figures

I just checked my vbu.

It has total usage for this month, 3rd oct to 3rd Nov at 343.97mb

Paid-for usage 342.29MB 8am - Midnight

Paid-for allowance: Up-to 2GB 8am - Midnight

Free usage: 1.69MB Midnight - 8am

Total usage: 343.97MB

In this weeks usgae it states 516.23mb thats 172mb of difference.

Tue 03
Wed 04
Thu 05
Fri 06
Sat 07
Sun 08

Paid-for usage 38.02MB 56.15MB 24.46MB 122.77MB 50MB 50.89MB
Free usage 287.72KB 285.01KB 279.79KB 274.17KB 281.1KB 279.03KB
Total 38.31MB 56.43MB 24.74MB 123.05MB 50.28MB 51.17MB

Paid-for usage: Free usage: Total usage:
514.33MB 1.9MB 516.23MB

I cannot see any usage listed for Monday but I know it was nowhere near 172mb.

When does the pn week run from Monday to Monday, Sunday to Sunday.

Is there still the option to see last months usage on a day to day basis. I would raise a ticket but I believe that I have a better chance of getting a good answer from other customers as at present pn staff seam quite scarce in the forums and tickets take forever to get a reply to.



vbu shows odd figures

I'm not sure if this is of any help, but the VMBU script is not able to record usage accurately...

It stinks to be honest... Sad
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Posts: 1,817
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Registered: 30-07-2007

vbu shows odd figures

vnmb is in accurate the email system is reliabilty is poor despite a recent 170K investment the bb voip phone service is currently out of action and pn support are few and far between.

The service is unable to do much these days apart from confuse and agrevate. Things are apparently fixed when their clearly not and no repsonse is made when issues are raised.

I'm waiting to clear my credit card then moving on. I can't believe I came here beacuse everyone ranted about the great CS and value for money.