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user password


user password

I cannot get my email working - due to my userpassword not working! how frustrating. keep getting the enter network password box appearing on the screen i keep re entering the password but still i can not set up my email :cry Evil
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user password

Hi Mandipete

are you trying to get into your default email address or a additional mailbox you set up ie. or

Have you tried accessing via webmail recently and not logged out by clicking the logout button? sometimes using webmail can leave the session open for a few minutes and won't allow a simultaneous connection.

If you can give a few more details then maybe we can help a bit more Smiley


user password

Hi there,

Welcome to the forums.

Can you tell us which mail client you are using, which AV software and firewall you are running.

It is also worth checking to ensure that you havent enabled Secure Password Authentication (SPA) in your mail client.

Handy setup guides for the most popular mail clients can be found here .

Hope that helps.
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user password

Is the sending or receiving mail that's failing?

If it's sending then sending mail using requires authentication to be OFF (i.e. it shouldn't prompt for a password).
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user password

Handy setup guides for the most popular mail clients can be found here

Well I'll be darned theres even one for a Mac there :-) Not that I use it but nice to see we are'nt totally forgotten