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usenet/plusnet - drunken rant


usenet/plusnet - drunken rant

Well, here i am wondering why my Usenet download is only partly available. I see plusnet's technical bods have noticed why over at:

But they still ain't fixed it. Why is plusnet's Usenet service always suffering from some kind of problem or other?

In my attempts to find why Usenet was 'rubber ducked' yet again, i see those paying extra to (ab)use other Usenet servers are now capped to 15GB a month of reasonable transfer speeds. Doh!

I've not bothered to subscribe to another Usenet service yet. I'm putting up with plusnet's somewhat short retention. but at least i see reasonable speeds from it. i get that dsl is supposed to be contended and that the source of your download is probably supporting loads of other users too, but we like our fast speeds! so, I'm fairly happy when my 2mbit dsl is only giving me say 50kps for a short while. i know sooner or later it will be back to a nice 240kps. i just put it down to something somewhere is busy. background the download, it'll be done sooner or later. i can wait. seeing something drag on at 3kps (noting someone else's post) for several hours would definitely be upsetting.

So, down to what i think I'm really getting at. where plusnet spends their money in attempts to make the service to customers work. currently, they seem to be spending it in developing QOS type settings on their network infrastructure, and tools on the portal to tell us customers what we have, or haven't been doing.

they seem to be saying that Usenet and p2p are near the top of the biggest bandwidth burners. while i can't really suggest anything other then work on peering costs for p2p (and p2p is being sued out of existence), i think i can suggest something for Usenet costs.

us... the user base, subscribe to the likes of easynews and giganews because they have good retention periods. specifically on the binaries groups. using those services burns plusnet's peering bandwidth. burning peering bandwidth impacts everything else going over those links (www/voip).

now plusnet's own news service has very crappy retention in comparison. about 2 days compared with weeks to months. so, my idea... spend some money upping the retention. the result, the users will stop using external Usenet services and use plusnet's. thus a reduction in peering bandwidth being used.

now I'm probably going to regret suggesting this, but... those subscribing to external Usenet services are paying for that service. so... plusnet might want to consider some kind of premium Usenet service. have that money flow to them instead of other providers. invest that extra money in the service. extra revenue, less peering bandwidth, less peering costs. hopefully happy uses. all users have to put up with then home gateway link and dsl network contention.

maybe i should just go find another drink and see if my download is complete by the morning?

let the flaming begin!


usenet/plusnet - drunken rant

You type pretty good for a drunk person Tongue . I dont use usenet myself, but its not fair on users that do. A restriction may be necessary, but a useable one would be better :roll:
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usenet/plusnet - drunken rant

Yes, +Net should have a premium severice.
1 10 gig service at full speed (Premium - peek)
2 15 gig service at 120K / sec (1Meg) then
3 whatever it takes to sustain the network

1a) Premium - peek for BB+ about 10 - 20k k/sec
2a )off peak for BB+ about 60 k/sec for 10gig
3a) whateveer it takes afert A &

Anyone who argues with me on BB+ ----- YOU ARE AN iJIOTE!!!

usenet/plusnet - drunken rant

Check this out for more information before you make a decision.