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Im currently on bb premier 1 account...i have been upgraded to max dsl this week..thanks plusnet Cheesy

But In my street someone already has been maxed and their on 5mb and cant get much faster...

I was wondering if i upgraded to premier 2...will i get 16mb? the 16mb as my exchange says easynet enabled :?

Would that mean as i upgrade ill be upgraded to 16mb if i go to BB premier 2.

As i do want more download limit if i can so if i upgrade if i know ill get more download limit and faster speed ill be happy?

Also if i move to easynet services, is that better or does it have issues, is that same as tiscali wholesale...thiers so much going on with plusnet im getting confused every thread i read hence im creating one...

too many questions..sorry Shockedops:
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If you have been upgraded to DSLMax then you are still on BT IPstream and the highest speed currently supported by BT is 8Mbs (7.1 actual throughput). The 16Mbs and 24Mbs speeds will only be available on LLU and only then when Tiscali upgrades their kit to support ADSL2+, and there are no timescales for this released yet. It also requires Tiscali to have their LLU kit in your exchange and they are in a very limited number at the moment.

Or you change ISPs and go with one that does offer LLU from other providers, but be aware that they do not all support ADSL2+ yet in all their kit.

So upgrading to premier option 2 now will not get you any faster speeds than you have now.


oh i see...i thought i read somewhere that plusnet bought easynet thats why i thought my exchange has easynet enabled so thought PN may be able to upgrade me...i realy dont wana change isp so i guess ill just wait Cheesy